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Dose Response Effects of Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder on CVD risk and gut microbiome (STRAWBERRY)


What's better than a snack of juicy ripe strawberries? 

The strawberry study is assessing how two doses of freeze dried strawberries can impact blood lipids, vascular function, and the human gut microbiome. 

Effects of omega-3 docosapentaenoic acid on risk factors for cardiovascular disease (DPA)


DPA is an understudied omega-3 fatty acid naturally present in fish oil and grassfed meat. The DPA study is examining the effects of supplementing with a DPA-enriched fish oil vs. a fish oil containing only EPA and DHA.

DHA and EPA Effects on Markers of Sub-Concussion Injury (BRAIN HEALTH PROJECT)


In sports like American football, head impact is unavoidable and can have lasting health consequences for athletes. We are collaborators on a project examining whether omega-3 fatty acids can help protect the health of Division I athletes.

Effects of Freeze Dried Grape Powder on Blood Pressure and Plasma Lipids/Lipoproteins (GRAPE)


With all the buzz over red wine, table grapes can be overlooked as an (alcohol-free) treat and rich source of plant bioactives. Our research will translate promising preliminary research of cardiovascular health to test the health impact of grapes in people.

Pro-resolving lipid mediators as biomarkers of resilience in aging (FRAILTY)


Frailty is a complex health condition characterized by challenges in performing the daily tasks of life and decreased physical resilience. Our research will assess how bioactive molecules made from omega-3 fatty acids can predict the ability of older adults to recover from the physical stress of surgery.

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