Department of Nutritional Sciences
University of Arizona

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Health is our passion

We are a team of academic researchers and trainees led by Dr. Ann C. Skulas-Ray.  

Clinical research specialists

We design and conduct human research studies to evaluate the potential health benefits of nutrition and dietary supplements.

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Our research Areas



Inflammation is an important and protective process, but it can be excessive and damaging. We study how omega-3 fatty acids and plant bioactives can support resolution of the inflammatory response. Resolution allows the immune response to be protective without causing chronic diseases.

Lipids and Lipoproteins


Lipoproteins transport lipids ("fat") throughout the body. A healthy lipid and lipoprotein  profile is linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease. We examine how adding specific foods and dietary supplements can improve the concentrations of lipids and lipoproteins in the blood.

Vascular Health


Many people know that high blood pressure leads to increased risk of heart attacks and stroke, but there are additional, more sensitive assessments of cardiovascular health like stiffness and heart rate variability that we employ in our studies.